1)     To expect great things from God by engaging in prayer.

2)     CAM Section Leaders to encourage their members to pray for their sections, for CAM as a whole.



1)     To recruit more members to serve in the various Sections of CAM by organizing recruiting exercises.



1)     To discover the possibilities of using new methods, styles, movements, materials, tools, equipment, etc.

2)     To source for new and fresh ideas, to be more creative in the projects that each Section undertakes.



1)     To train up existing members to lead, teach, handle projects.

2)     To equip members to prepare them for future outreach projects and / or presentations


Creative Arts comprises of Three different ministries, they are DANCE, BANNER and MAKE-UP.



Please click on the videos below to view our latest dance presentation on Sunday 7 October 2018

Titles: Turn It Up